Translation of Supply Contracts

As so many companies are now multinational, they tend to work with other companies operating internationally, so all vital paperwork will have to be available in multiple languages and supply contracts are no exception.

Why Supply Contracts are important

Contracts are essential to companies of all sizes in any industry for a number of different reasons and for the majority of companies which offer goods or services, a reliable supplier is imperative, so the supply contract takes on particular importance. This is a legal contract which states that the seller will supply the goods and services requested by the buyer over a fixed time and at a fixed price and must be signed by both parties. Most companies would struggle to operate effectively and to communicate with their supplier in a productive manner if they did not have a coherent and cohesive supply contract in place. This document is legally binding, so would fall into the category of legal translation.

The Process of Translation

Another consequence of the document being legally binding is that it must be translated by a legal expert, as only they would possess the requisite expertise to ensure that the contract retains its legal meaning and status after translation. Clearly this also necessitates a very strong command of the target language, the language into which the document will be translated, and an expert will already know the best turns of phrase, the ideal layout and the appropriate grammar for this type of document. This is particularly significant because any error can demonstrate a lack of professionalism and may even cause legal confusion in a document such as a supply contract. Thoroughness and accuracy are of the utmost importance in legal translations, which is why you need to contact a specialised translator.

Berlin Translate and legal Translation

If you need a legal document translated and you are unsure who to contact, you have come to the right place. Whether it be a supply contract, a sales contract or another legal document, at Berlin Translate, we guarantee you a high-quality translation. Your documents will be translated by experts in the field to provide you with a highly accurate translation into your required target language.

If you have other legal documents which need or may need translating, please do not hesitate to take a look at the Berlin Translate blog which includes articles on the translation of many different types of documents.

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