Translations for Students

Translations are especially of interest to students who are completing a semester abroad. Often the universities or collages require documents such as internship certificates in the official language of the country. Also, a translation of a passport or personal identification document may be needed for entry into the country. However, it should be noted that such translations will only be accepted in a certified form. A certified form, however, can only be produced by a sworn translator. 

Our Translators

With the increasing popularity of translation programmes some students think that these can be used for their translations, but these programmes cannot correctly translate specialist terms and cannot translate into the correct context. This can be particularly disastrous with academic texts. Our translators work within their specialist areas, so you can trust us with the translation of your documents without hesitation. Additionally, our certified translators can translate your documents that require a certified translation.

An Offer for Students

We are aware that students do not have a large budget for translations and therefore we offer a student rate. However, the costs of your translations depend on the complexity of the translation, the length of the text and the amount of time the translation takes. Due to this, a certified translation has a higher basic price than a general translation.

Data Protection

Your data and information will be processed exclusively for your order fulfilment. Only the translators responsible and the project managers are able to access them and are accordingly sworn to secrecy.

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