Berlin translate offers translation and language services related to Covid-19.

The outbreak of the global Corona pandemic in March 2020, is currently

causing a change. The virus, which appeared in 2019, belongs to the strain

of corona viruses that have so far caused mild colds in the human body.

However, through mutations, viruses can change and adapt to new

conditions. As a result, the newly appeared corona virus can lead to severe

diseases and (but not exclusively) be even life threatening for some risk


Sore throat, cold, cough, but especially fever and breathing problems speak

for an infection with Covid-19. While many people now experience a rather

mild course of the disease and some even show no symptoms at all.

Especially older people and those with pre-existing conditions (such as

diabetes, immune disorders or asthma) represent a risk group.

For Covid-19, which is often compared with general influenza viruses, there

is no vaccination available yet. Before the influenza season experts can

estimate the coming mutation of the influenza viruses and develop a vaccine

in time. However, intensive research is being done in laboratories and

research institutes worldwide to develop faster test methods, drugs and

vaccines. Researchers are currently working on more than 150 potential

vaccine candidates, some of which are already in medical trials.


Our translation agency has a large network of qualified translators with

excellent knowledge and training in a wide range of specialist areas.

International cooperation in test development and vaccine production

requires accurate and quick communication. Our medical translators are

available to companies and institutions, but also, to you as a person for

translations concerning Covid-19. That way, information can be published

quickly and available in multiple languages

We offer translations from/into over 50 languages in more than 150

language combinations. For translations of laboratory reports, clinical

studies, scientific articles, drug information, our medical translators are

available for you. They have proficient knowledge in the necessary terms

and abbreviations. This is how our translation agency guarantees a highquality

translation at a very good price-performance ratio. We are also your

contact for certified translations for negative Covid-19 tests.

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