Corporate changes

The Brexit made it necessary to translate documents that previously were not absolutely essential. It is important that companies secure themselves through translations by qualified translators and do not run the risk of presenting incorrect translations for important documents. The translators that we at Berlin Translate use, for your translations, translate into the respective mother tongue in order to guarantee the best quality and terminology.

There are many documents that need or should be translated. Therefore, below you will find a small list of documents that increasingly require translation.

Trade agreement

The UK government will increasingly seek to conclude trade deals with the EU. This can mean that the documents have to be translated into all EU languages. We at Berlin Translate offer translations in more than 150 language combinations to support you with your translations.


With the exit from the EU, documents are now required for the import and export of goods. The European Commission suggests that companies ensure that their goods have valid certificates to avoid possible customs difficulties. We at Berlin Translate, translate these documents through translators who specialize in such documents.

Data security

Companies sending personal information to the UK must comply with local data security regulations. In order for authorities to understand that the regulations are being complied with, certain documents may have to be presented. However, these documents must be submitted in English, so it is important to ensure that an error-free translation is provided.

Corporate changes

Companies wishing to adopt a UK form of enterprise need to ensure that required documents are translated. This also applies to companies that want to relocate their headquarters. As these are official documents, it is particularly important to ensure that the documents are translated correctly.

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