Professional Background, Hobbies, and Motivation

Professional Background

As a native Breton, Monsieur Ravaux fears one thing above all else: that the sky may fall on his head. Florian Ravaux, born in 1983 in Rennes, studied law in France at the University of Rennes 1 and in Germany at the Humboldt-University of Berlin. During his studies, he specialized in European law. Furthermore, in partnership with Sciences Po Strasbourg, he obtained a Master’s degree in scientific policy at the Institut des Hautes Etudes Européennes in Strasbourg.

As a Teenager, Florian Ravaux turned towards foreign languages. His first mandatory foreign language was German. He also studied English. During his studies at the Lycée Cesson-sévigné, he made numerous trips to Germany and visited summer camps. It was certainly this Franco-German exchange that helped him develop his first emotional ties to Germany.

In order to gain first experiences abroad, he decided to do an internship at Franco-German law firms in Berlin. Following this first professional experience, Florian Ravaux then worked in Belgium in the field of European law. It was not until 2010 that he decided to establish his translation agency Berlin Translate and offer his clients certified translations, initially from German into French.

Creating the Website for Berlin Translate was a big challenge. Writing texts, designing the page, conducting market analyses and better understanding its customers is what made the agency’s services better known, slowly but surely. In fact, it took several years for the site to be well referenced in search engines such as Google.

With the growing success of Berlin Translate, he decided to offer translations in various languages. Since 2018, Florian Ravaux has been offering certified translations for both companies and private individuals.




As a true Breton, Florian Ravaux likes cider, Asterix and Obelix as well as galette saucisse.


Trips to Germany

During his numerous trips to Germany, he established his first emotional ties to the country, in particular to the Ruhr area.


Law and political science studies

Florian studied European law and political science for several years.


Move to Germany

Discovering Berlin. A revelation that speaks for itself.


Founding Berlin Translate

2010 is the founding year of Berlin Translate. Lots of work, passion and endless cups of coffee.



Florian Ravaux loves cultural exchange, sports, theatre and music.

If you visit the forest Grünewald in Berlin, you will most likely meet Florian with his French friends riding on Enduro bikes. By the way, in order to not miss him, we recommend you to go there in the fall season. At this time of year, Florian Ravaux slows down the pace a little, in order to have a proper view when picking mushrooms.

He also likes playing the guitar. He bought his first used electric guitar at a market. In the first years he played up to several hours per day. When he reached a satisfactory level, he founded his first Band. Nowadays he has rather less time to practice, due to his many responsibilities. However, he uses the time gained due to the pandemic and dedicates it to his instrument again. He is currently doing an online course. His guitar teacher understands a lot about pedagogy and is just remarkable. Recommended for all Blues lovers.

His main motivation

The translation agency Berlin Translate was born out of a double observation: on the one hand out of the necessity for an expat to maintain the connection to his home country, and on the other hand out of the desire to promote inter-cultural exchange.

Working with nationalities from all over the world is one of the main advantages of the translator profession. Another advantage is the high flexibility: in most cases, translators can work from all over the world as long as they have a good internet connection. You could for example be at the beach in Thailand and work for European clients.

This is the main motivation that drives Florian Ravaux: to encourage people to travel, live and work abroad.

What he wants for the future:

After spending several months in Asia (Thailand, Japan, China and many more), he came back from his travels with the desire to discover the world further.

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