The precise and complex process of medical translation

What does medical translation consist of?

Medical translation is work which requires enormous rigour. It consists of translating a text related to the medical field from language A to language B; drug leaflets, analysis results, medical reports or even laboratory tests. Therefore, both individuals and professionals can need this type of translation.

A very precise and complex task

This type of translation is technical translation. Medical documents have precise structures, vocabulary and idioms. Therefore, the translator working on a medical text must be specialised in this field and must the topic of the document they’re translating perfectly. It is essential that the translator working on your document works with enormous precision because a mistranslation could have important consequences. If there is a translation error in this type of document, your doctor could, for example, misunderstand your medical history, which can have an impact on your diagnosis.

These texts use a particular medical vocabulary in a defined language and the task of the translator is to understand and translate this medical vocabulary into another language and to adapt it to another culture. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that the translation of your medical documents is faithful to the original texts.

Medical translation, like any other type of translation, requires confidentiality. For the translation of your medical texts, you should contact a translation agency, who works with experts in medicine, who will respect your confidentiality. Medical documents include a lot of information about you and it is therefore essential to be sure that no one besides the translator will have access to it.

Your need for medical translation

You can end up needing medical translation in your life. But in what circumstances? You could need it if you have a health issue abroad for example. You may be asked for documents with your medical history. You cannot try to explain this with a vague basis of English or via hand signals. Hospitals need official documents demonstrating your health or showing the results of your analysis reports for example. Therefore you may need medical translation to be able to receive healthcare during your trips abroad. Companies may also need medical translation, for example for the translation of informative notices or brochures about products.

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