When medical translation becomes vital

In urgence abroad

Even if we don’t want it to happen, it is possible that you will need to consult a doctor or urgently go to hospital while you are abroad. The language spoken in the country where you are seeing a doctor can be an important barrier. Even if you do not speak the language of the country where you are going at all, it is always possible to manage in day to day life using English words or hand signals. However, it is not possible in more professional circumstances like in a hospital.

Making yourself understood and getting treated across the world

During a medical visit abroad, you can be asked for your last medical analysis or documents relating to your medical history. Therefore, the doctor needs translated documents to be able to understand your state of health.

Imagine that you need to undergo an urgent operation abroad, but you do not understand a word of the documents that the doctor has provided you about the operation and the risks. Even if you have very high confidence in them, it is not reasonable to accept everything they tell you without understanding it. Therefore, it can be essential for your health to contact a medical translator. They will be able to translate the documents explaining everything about the operation. Therefore, medical translation can turn out to be vital.

Understanding how to heal: the importance of notices

Moreover, understanding notices on medication that you do not know can be very complicated. For example: you are allergic to pollen, and you are abroad but you have forgotten your medication in England and you cannot go out without it in summer … all the same you will not spend your holiday in your hotel just because you are scared of not understanding the adverse effects of the medication that the pharmacist has sold you abroad. The medical translator will become your ally to have good holidays and make the most of them.

Taking medication is not something to be taken lightly. Even moreso, if you are already taking other medication: a bad mix can occur quickly. Therefore, it is essential that you contact a translation agency with expert medical translators who will be there to translate everything you need with precision.

If you want to know more about medical translation, do not hesitate to visit the Berlin Translate blog or just click on the article below to understand in more detail why medical translation needs so much precision.


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