Drapeau Du Canada Avec Vue Sur La Chaîne De Montagnes

Located in North America between the United States, Alaska and Greenland, Canada is nowadays one of the favorite countries for expatriation. As a cosmopolitan country, this region attracts thousands of people every year. So, if you too are tempted by the Canadian adventure, this article is for you! 

5- Excursion to Whistler (Vancouver) on the Sea to Sky cable car. 

On this excursion, you will explore the Sea to Sky Corridor to the city of Whistler through various sights and stops. You will have the opportunity to explore Howe Bay and enjoy the view of the coastal forest, the surrounding mountains and the Squamish River. Next stop is the Summit Lodge located at 885 meters above sea level where you can enjoy the view. Then you will head to Brandywine Falls, located between Garibaldi Heights and Whistler, where you can admire the 70-metre waterfall and the Daisy Lake from a viewing platform. Your tour will end in the village of Whistler where you will have a variety of activities and attractions to choose from. 

4- Whale watching in Vancouver. 

If you choose this excursion, you will be able to observe different species of whales and other marine life from the specially designed heated cabin boats to give you the best possible experience. 

3- A Day at Heritage Park in Calgary. 

Discover Calgary’s history from 1860 to 1950 through more than 180 different exhibitions and attractions. Covering nearly 50 hectares, you will be able to experience the Canadian life in detail from vintage cars, schools and saloons, as well as chat with interpreters dressed in vintage costumes who will tell you their stories. 

2- Excursion in Old Montreal to see ghosts. 

This nocturnal walk will surely be a delight for the most daring of you. Indeed, during this tour you will have the opportunity to discover the city in a completely new light. Your guide, a professional actor and storyteller, will make you shiver with the mysterious stories and unexplained phenomena that haunt the city. 

1- Visit the famous Niagara Falls. 

Finally, if you go to Canada, you will be able to visit the three famous Niagara Falls. You will have the opportunity to admire them from several points of view, such as from boat or helicopter. These tours take place at day and at night but always keep in mind that at night the show is even more breathtaking as the falls are illuminated. 

So, don’t wait any longer and book your ticket to Canada! 

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