It is official, January 1 2021 represents the date of a major change for students, especially those from Europe. The United Kingdom, until now the third most popular destination for students, has decided to stop participating in the ERASMUS+ program after Brexit. In fact, the conditions for entering the UK, living there, studying and traveling are changing and evolving. Regardless, it is important to remember that “where there are new requirements, there are also new prospects for destinations”.

The new formalities for studying in the United Kingdom

Now, to travel to the UK, one must obtain a permanent residence permit for a short or long duration. This approach has not prevented a third of students who chose to study abroad from making the USA their number one study destination in 2018. So we need to keep telling ourselves that if one wants to study in the UK “at any costs” they must remain motivated and proactive. To assist you with this plan, especially for translations of your administrative and other documents, the Berlin Translate website is here to help.

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Interested in studying in the UK?

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A dozen possible alternative destinations

One should not hesitate to search out other English-speaking countries because there are a dozen available to you. The English language is often associated with the United States (76% of the population speaks English) and the UK (94% of the population speaks English), but English is a language spoken in several other countries. For example, in Australia (94% of the population speaks English) or New Zealand (95% of the population speaks English), two destinations that clearly match up to the United States and the UK in terms of the portion of the population that speaks English. In fact, the statistics show that slightly more English is spoken in Australia.

Ultimately, Brexit is not the end for the thousands of students who want to learn English, but merely a small, easily negotiable obstacle. Brexit is a reality from which we must now take advantage. One such advantage, for example, is highlighting the many beautiful English-speaking destinations for students who want to improve their English skills, such as Australia or New Zealand.

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