Are you interested in emigrating to Barcelona? Here are four reasons why you should brave the jump abroad and engage in an emigration adventure.

The quality of life

When considering a move to Barcelona, one should be aware that the city offers a very good quality of life. According to a survey, 80% of respondents rated the quality of life in the “City of Counts” as good or even great.

Furthermore, the costs of living are very attractive. Costs of living in Barcelona are lower than that of other European cities and around 11% lower than those in Germany. Of course, it depends on the sector, but there are noticeable differences in costs of groceries, shopping, public transportation and even housing.

Additionally attractive is the cosmopolitan character of the city. A move to Barcelona provides the opportunity to experience the world thanks to the various cultures that merge there. Amazing encounters are guaranteed through the many tourists, students from abroad and hospitable natives.

The climate

Climate is an extremely important factor to consider when choosing a relocation destination. In Barcelona, the climate is ideal to enjoy the many attractions of the city throughout the entire year. It stays mild in the winter and very warm in the summer which is advantageous for strolling around and exploring the city. It becomes very hot in the summer which can be combated by cooling off on one of the cities many beaches. In the autumn the temperatures remain pleasant which lends well to discovering the city.

The city will surely surprise with its diversity in landscapes as well. One can find mountains, a harbor, a historic old town and many beaches. Although the harbor is artificially designed, it plays a significant role in bringing fresh air into the city.

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The culture

One of the most well-known aspects of Barcelona is the diverse culture.

Barcelona has good reasons for being a favorite destination of European tourists due to its wide range of activities, leisure interests and tourist attractions.

For sports fans, there is also a famous stadium in Barcelona (Camp Nou) as well as the various Olympic sites in Montjouïc.

In terms of fine arts culture, one will find countless museums such as the “Museu Picasso” or the “Cosmocaixa” (science museum). One can also discover the various buildings created by the well-known Spanish architect Gaudí. Some of his most famous works are the “Sagrada Familia”, the “Güell-Park”, the “Casa Batlló” and many more.

If you are interested in learning more about the native culture during your stay abroad then be sure not to miss the traditional Catalonian festival. Marvel at the Castellers (human towers), the Correfoc (a parade with a demonic figure that dances between fireworks) and much more.

The gastronomy

Barcelona, and Catalonia in general, have the advantage of experiencing the influence of various cultures. The roots of the city (Phoenician, Greek and Roman) have brought to life the existence of varied culinary traditions. Since the region lies near the Mediterranean Sea, the cuisine and food have strong Mediterranean influences. However, the border with France has also had an impact on culinary traditions.

Gastronomy in Barcelona is extremely diverse and combines many ecosystems such as the sea, the mountains and the rural areas.

A few of the most important specialties are:

  • La crema catalaña: resembles a crème brûlée
  • Escalivada: a combination of grilled eggplant, onion, tomato and peppers accompanied by a Catalonian cheese
  • Pa amb tombaquet: a bread smothered in garlic that is topped with olive oil and tomato puree.

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If you are considering a move to Barcelona, the city will make it easy for you with its rich and diversified culture and landscapes. Do not hesitate any longer and take the first step on a new adventure!

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