It is official. January 1st 2021 will mark the date of a fundamental change for students, especially European students. The United Kingdom, third preferred destination of students, has decided not to take part to the ERASMUS+ Programme anymore. Indeed, terms and conditions to come, live, study, and work in the United Kingdom have changed and are evolving. However, students have to comfort themselves: where there are new terms and conditions, there are also new prospects of destinations.

Brexit does not mark the end: new terms and conditions to study in the UK

From now on, to go to the UK, one has to get a viable status to stay a short or a long period of time. It is an approach that did not prevent a third of students who had chosen to live abroad from choosing the US, the first preferred destination of students in 2018. Then one has to keep in mind that he/she wants at all costs go on Erasmus in UK, he/she has to keep motivated and far-sighted in his/her approaches. In order to support these approaches, including translation of your administrative documents and other documents, the Berlin Translate website is here to help you.

Tens other destinations

One has to look for other English-speaking countries, because there are tens. One often matches the English language with the US (76% of its population speaks English) and UK (94% of English-speakers). However, it is a language spoken in other countries. For example, Australia (91% of English-speakers) and New Zealand (95% of English-speakers) are two destinations that are just as good as US and UK about their part of English speakers. Statistics even show that one speaks slightly more English in Australia.

To conclude, Brexit does not mark the end for thousands of students that wish to learn English, but just a little, easily overcoming obstacle. Brexit is a reality, and one must strive to find benefits from it. One of these benefits is, for example, the highlighting of numerous beautiful English-speaking destinations, such as Australia or New Zealand.

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