Do you consider taking the plunge of the Erasmus? It is undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable experiences for a student. In order to prepare yourself as well as possible, don’t forget the following:

All the tips and tricks for a successful Erasmus programme: Choose the right accommodation

One of the biggest issues for a successful Erasmus is finding accommodation. But don’t worry, you just have to be patient! You’ll probably have three options:

  1. Look for a flat with your friends of your country
  2. Share a flat with foreigners
  3. Look for a flat on your own

What we recommend: mix with new people! It may seem risky, but there’s no better way to blend in with the local culture than having it at home. Soon you will find the right place to have a good time.

All the tips and tricks for a successful Erasmus programme: Take into account the weather

Pack carefully your bags! One of the things to keep in mind when we move abroad is the weather. Don’t be fooled by stereotypes. For example, we all know that Spain is known for its sunshine and good weather. However, the weather changes a lot if you go to Northern Spain, where it often rains! So, make sure you checked the weather of the region where you’ll be. But you don’t need to overload your bags, because it would sharply increase the costs of your flight. Don’t forget that there are also shopping centres in the rest of the world!

All the tips and tricks for a successful Erasmus programme: Do not forget these documents

Generally speaking, if your certificates are not in the official language of the country, you’ll need to translate them. For example, it could be degree certificates, reference letters or proof of payment of school fees. In most cases, you’ll need a copy of the original document as well as a certified translation. Even if they are not very long, they require a lot of attention because they are different from basic translations. For example, each country has its own grading system. Then, you’ll need a translator who is familiar with the specific educational system. Fortunately, at Berlin Translate, we can help you with this task. Documents are only translated by sworn translators and they translate into their mother tongue. Then, they have the linguistic as well as the technical knowledge required for certified translations.  

Always stay motivated

Last but not least, you need to burn with enthusiasm. The beginning may be difficult, but, little by little, you will adapt to this new environment. Then, you’ll personally make you happy and acquire new skills. For example, you’ll learn at least some of a new language. Remember that this experience has to be positive. It is a unique opportunity to get to know new people, places and cultures. Don’t miss it!

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