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What are the most famous dances in the world?

First of all, dancing is a living art form. It is based on several sequences of movements of the body which makes it possible to express what one feels. If we had to date the origin of the dance, it would go back to Prehistoric times.
Indeed, in some caves, African or European, we find many drawings representing the very first men practicing this noble art of dance. There have also been depictions in the Egyptians tombs and on the Bhimbetka rocks in India which date back over 30,000 years.

It is therefore quite complex to define a date of the origin of dance. At that time men were unable to communicate using words . It is thanks to the movement of the body that they were able to communicate with each other. Use to ward off bad luck or to show bravery (example: the rain dance and the war dance). This helped the ancient tribes to recognize each other and to share their affection. But this kind of dance was not one of the most famous dances in the world.

It was not until around 4000 BC that the technique of dancing appeared. Men developed religious dances by instating events such as pair dances or tournaments.
Through practice dance began to become graceful and harmonious and many of them became the most famous dances in the world. It is a very old art, which our ancestors acquire to be able to communicate with each other. Since that time, and over the years, dance has evolved enormously revealing new styles each more different than the next.
Through this article you will discover the most popular dances in the world.


“Salsa” means “sauce” ,”sensual” and “attractive” in the Cuban language. This dance is a cultural mix of Latin American rhythms such as guaguanco, rumba, mambo, cha-cha-cha, and bomba with influences from American rhythms such as jazz, soul, le blues, and European rhythms. As a rule, we dance in pairs. But we can also dance alone. Its first appearance comes from the Hispanic neighborhoods of New York in the 50s and 60s.


Is an urban dance that developed in Latin America and especially in Puerto Rico. It is a dance both dynamic and sexy, and can be danced alone. It allows you to let off steam to the titles of Shakira, Daddy Yankee and Maluma.


Bachata is a very popular dance that originates from the Dominican Republic.
It is considered to be a mixture of bolero (above all, the rhythmic bolero) with musical influences of African origin and other styles such as Haitian kompa and merengue. It’s a dance quite similar to salsa. One of the famous personalities most associated with this style of dance and music is the singer Romeo Santos.


Merengue is a dance from the Dominican Republic originating around 1850. It is one of the most popular dances in Latin America, around the world, and in many cities across the United States. Famous personalities associated with this type of music and dance are Elvis Crespo and his world-famous title “Suavemente” or the famous group Los Hermanos Rosario.


Danse, Musique De Tango, Coupler, Argentine, Passionné

Languorous and sensual, the tango was born on the banks of the Rio de la Plata in Argentina at the end of the 19th century in the popular suburbs of Buenos Aires. Real capital of tango, Buenos Aires is full of milongas where to practice in an authentic atmosphere..


Gwoka is practiced by all ethnic and religious groups in Guadeloupean society. It is the most popular and famous dance in Guadeloupe. It combines responsorial song in Guadeloupe Creole, rhythms played on ka drums and dance. Participants and audience form a circle in which the dancers and soloist take turns entering and facing the drums. The audience claps their hands and sings the chorus imposed by the soloist.


Kizomba is both a musical genre and a dance from Angola. It comes from the angolan word “Kimbundu” which means “party”. This very sensual looking dance is gaining popularity and attracting new dancers. It is essentially based on the connection of partners.

Everyone describes this music as beautiful and poignant. Today there is Kizomba in France, Spain, England, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Sweden, Belarus, Lithuania, Egypt, Switzerland, Serbia, Canada, the United States, Cape Verde, and Portugal..


Zouk is a musical and dance movement born in Guadeloupe between the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s. It is widespread in the French Antilles. The famous group Kassav who made this musical genre known in the world with hits such as “Zouk la sé sèl médikaman nou ni” or “Syé Bwa”. It is a dance combining romanticism and sensuality.


Coucher Du Soleil, Danse, Flamenco, Silhouette, Femmes

Flamenco is a musical genre but also a dance that dates back to the 18th century. It is an Andalusian dance. It can be danced alone or in a duet and is based on the popular folklore of the various cultures that would flourish over the centuries in Andalusia.

Viennese Waltz

The Viennese Waltz is a ballroom dance . Characterized by long, fluid, fast and spinning movements of the dancers on the dance floor. It is a dance in which ladies will dance together with Prince Charming, just like in the movies.

Oriental Dance

Dansant, Femmes, Oriental, Danse Du Ventre

Oriental dance is an Egyptian dance in the Middle East. It is one of the most popular dances in the world. It includes many styles. The major style of oriental dance is the Raqs Sharqi. It established itself in the West from the 1890s and has enjoyed tremendous success until today. The Oriental dance is also called “belly dance” in popular parlance.

Indian classical dance

Hindou, Inde, Femme, Danse, Tradition, Robe, Mariage

One of the most popular dances in the world, and more specifically in India, is the Indian classical dance. Indian dance is essentially a religious act. Indian dance was invented by the god Shiva and his wife Parvati. Shiva represents the dancing king who invented “the tandavam”, a cosmic dance prototype of male dances. Parvati, for her part, invented “the lasya”, a dance which symbolizes the emotions of love and is a model of female dances.


Tamure is a Tahitian dance known locally as’ ori tahiti. The “Ori Tahiti” is one of the most famous dances in French Polynesia. It’s a duet where the man beats his thighs in a scissor motion and the woman rolls her hips. The tamure is danced with vegetable costumes, ’ahu more commonly known as more, vegetable fiber skirts, and crowns. Men are shirtless and often tattooed. As for vahines, they wear coconut bra.

I hope this article makes you want to learn one of these fabulous dances. While there are many popular dances in the world, you are sure to find one or more that will suit you perfectly.
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