Pourquoi traduire son site web?

As everyone knows, we live in the era of globalization. Today, more than ever, the borders between countries and cultures are weakening. In order to keep up with the pace, it is important to open up to the world as much as possible and to do so there are different options: learning foreign languages, translating jobs or translating websites. In this article, we will focus on the latter option and explain why you should translate your website.

1First reason: Extend your international influence 

By translating your website, you will be able to gain a greater presence on the international stage. Indeed, by having a multilingual site, you reach not only the readers of your native language, but also those of the countries that speak the languages in which you have located (or adapted to a region of your choice) your website. Web translation will then be an asset that will allow foreign users to fully enjoy your website.

 Translating your website is a testimony of the importance you attach to potential customers from abroad. Users from targeted countries will be more likely to visit your website and purchase your products if they understand the language used in the website. If your website is available in several languages, they will feel more secure.

2- Second reason: Stand out from competitors

In addition, to allow you to expand your influence around the global market, translating your website into multiple languages will help you stand out from competitors. Indeed, if your website offers the same services and products as another website, customers will tend to prefer the one available in multiple languages. By translating their interface, the websites demonstrate their competitiveness and their responsiveness to the opportunities offered by globalization.

3Third reason: Improve your ranking on search engine with the SEO tool

Another reason to translate your website into multiple languages is to improve your ranking on search engines with the SEO tool. When a website offers several languages, it receives more visits because it becomes more accessible. By translating your website, you will greatly improve your SEO score. This allows you to appear not only on the search engines used in your country but also on those used in the targeted countries.

 Thanks to the translation of your website, you will benefit from greater visibility and better ranking. Since people most often research on the web in their native language, you’ll be more likely to reach them if your website is available in their language. Thus, the more languages your website offers, the more likely you are to find yourself on the first pages of search engines and thus have access to a larger market.

4- Fourth reason: The optimization of your website according to its sector of influence

Finally, the last reason why you should translate your site: optimize your website according to its sector of influence. If your website is specialized in international e-commerce or tourism, it is in your interest to have it translated into several languages. Indeed, since these websites are from sectors requiring interaction with users coming from all around the world, it is better to have them available in several languages or at least in English. It will indeed be easier for a foreigner to book a hotel room, a plane ticket or even to order something on a website translated in a known language.

Now, you know four reasons to have your website translated! So, if you want to get started but don’t know where to begin, feel free to check out our article on mistakes to avoid when translating websites.

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