The translation of websites into English: fundamental worldwide

Get your website translated

If you have a website, whatever its nature, and you want to expand into new markets, translation is an inevitable step. You cannot hope for your website to have a global reach if it is not in English. If you have your website translated, your website will appear more quickly in the results of people typing the key words in English into their search engine. Then, once they are on the site, the user will be able to see what you offer. Therefore, there is no risk of problems between yourself and the user in case they have misunderstood the sales conditions for example.

English: the universal language

If you want your website to be visited around the globe, it is essential that it is comprehensible for the majority of people. You can translate your website into a dozen languages to reach a maximum number of people, or you can just translate it into English. By choosing the second option, not everyone will be able to understand your website, but the vast majority will. English is a language spoken around the globe. According to SALIC – Canada, 850 million people spoke English fluently in 2015. Therefore, many people are using this language regularly to communicate under a variety of circumstances. This is why it is essential to translate your website into English, if you want to communicate with internet users around the world.

The translation of websites into English: contact a translation Agency 

Even if you speak English, it is essential that you contact a translation agency. This agency must have experience of translating websites. It is a very specific type of translation, which requires more than just linguistic knowledge. It demands knowledge of the targeted culture and the standard presentation of different documents from your webpage. Whatever the nature of your website, you probably have a page of general sales conditions (if you sell goods or services) and a legal notice. These are very important documents which do not just need to be translated word for word. You need to take into account the presentation rules in anglophone countries. If you wish to know more about the translation of these two types of texts, click on the articles below.

To receive more information about translation of your website, do not hesitate to contact Berlin Translate. By phone or email, our experts would be delighted to help you become better known on an international level.

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