Translating your online shop: to quickly develop abroad

Why translate your online shop?

If you have an online shop, you know the time it takes to write all the product descriptions, to name the different categories and so on. Translating all this content is even more time-consuming. In effect, you must not only translate, but also think about who the target reader is. You have to adapt your text to the culture of the target country. Therefore, the translator of your online shop will also be concerned with the official pages of your online shop. This corresponds to your legal notice and everything to do with the law. These are important documents that you cannot forget so that your future international clientele will trust you.

Translating your online shop will allow you to expand internationally with much more ease. For example, it would be very difficult to gain a footing in the British market, without having an English website. The fact that users can understand everything on your online shop will make them trust you more. Therefore, they will be more likely to place an order because they will not doubt whether they have missed any information such as supplementary fees.

Therefore, the translation of your online shop will clearly boost the sales of your products. In effect, more people will visit your website, and therefore, place more orders. The number of potential clients will increase, and your shop can continue to expand. Having your online shop in several languages will only benefit you.

Understanding foreign markets

Now that you have accepted the importance of translating your online shop, do not forget to consider the market(s) into which you plan to expand. Localisation is an essential step in the translation of your website. This consists of considering all the aspects of the different cultures which you are targeting. This does not only mean potential regional sayings but also the traditions or just preferences. This can affect the choice of images, colours or numbers (such as avoiding the number 13, which brings bad luck in certain European countries).

To find out more about localisation and the process it requires, do not hesitate to visit our blog by clicking on the article just below!

Who to choose to translate your online shop?

It is clear that when having your website translated into different languages, it is best to contact a translator specialised in translating websites. The translators at Berlin Translate would be delighted to help you and to take care of the translation of your online shop. By email or telephone, contact us and explain to us which market you want to target, we will take care of the rest. Therefore, you can expand abroad quickly and easily!

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