In the modern world. every company needs a website, and that website needs to be available in multiple languages. WordPress makes this easier than ever by creating a website perfectly tailored to your company’s needs, and the process is fast, simple and affordable. This FAQ explains everything you need to get started.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is an open source software tool for website creation. Since becoming a competitive choice around 2007, we have continued to grow steadily, and today, about a quarter of the internet’s pages run on WordPress.

Millions of pages now run on WordPress, including personal blogs and websites of small and larger businesses.

Some of the biggest advantages of choosing WordPress are:

  • The WordPress ecosystem makes development affordable.
    • WordPress employs millions of developers, who provide high quality design at an affordable price.
  • WordPress’s size guarantees stability and security
    • Because so many sites use WordPress, errors are rare and security problems are solved immediately.
  • You can run WordPress on your own servers, or use special WordPress hosting
    • WordPress offers dozens of excellent options for reliable hosting. This means lower costs and higher performance for you.
  • WordPress is excellent for search engine optimisation
    • One of the most important requirements of any website is to appear high up in search results, and WordPress makes this especially easy.
  • WordPress is great for e-commerce
    • As well as regular websites, WordPress allows you to create e-commerce sites at no extra cost.

What kind of websites can I make with WordPress?

You can create a huge variety of websites with WordPress, including:

  • Blogs and magazines 
  • Product and business sites – sites that showcase your company or service
  • E-commerce sites – sites that sell a physical or virtual product
  • Listings sites – where users can upload content which other users can then view
  • Membership sites – where users register to unlock additional member privileges.

This list doesn’t cover everything, and each of these categories is itself huge. For example, is Amazon an e-commerce site, a listings site or a membership site? It’s a combination of the three. (NB: Amazon does not run on WordPress).

How do I make my WordPress site multilingual?

WordPress supports extensions known as plugins. The WPML plugin has existed since 2009 – about the same amount of time that WordPress has been mainstream. Today, about half a million commercial WordPress sites of all kinds operate using WPML. 

WPML offers all the same benefits as WordPress itself: comfort, size and stability.

How will my website look?

The best thing about creating a site with WordPress is that you have the choice of thousands of great themes, allowing you to create a fantastic looking site for a very reasonable price. There are several ways to design your site.

Some designers will ask you questions about your company’s goals, your customers and the market, and create a visual concept for you using that information. Other designers will ask you which designs you prefer from a large catalogue. Other designers still will look at your competitors’ sites to find out which designs are most popular on your market.

Whichever approach you choose, the huge selection of WordPress themes and designers enables you to find the right design for your website, without breaking the bank.

One of the essential features of a multilingual site is a button that allows users to change the site’s language to the one they want to read it in. WPML incorporates many types of button to fit any design, allowing you to embed a visible way to change the site language which shows your visitors the available languages.

How will I translate content?

You probably know that you can translate anything free and instantaneously with Google. But Google Translate is only really appropriate when you want to read content in another language – if you want to publish your own content in a foreign language, it is essential that it is translated by a real person. Machine translation allows you to understand foreign texts, but it doesn’t allow you to write in a foreign language in a way that sounds natural for native speakers.

We makes it easy for you to translate your own site .

If you need help with translation, Berlin Translate has a list of exceptional translation services.

Who can help me to develop my site?

Berlin Translate can also create your multilingual site. Some of the first-class developers with whom we have personally worked can be found on our website.

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