There are numerous professional translation service providers. It is therefore not difficult to get a professional translation for a good price from the customer’s point of view.

The problem for the customer, though, as is so often the case in a buyers’ market, is the quality. In the translation market there are numerous translation agencies which employ freelancers, many of whom have not completed any training, but at best have grown up bilingual. In many cases this may suffice, for example if you would like to book a hotel or only write a short email to confirm the hotel booking. However, for business customers an incorrect translation may be expensive and embarrassing.

All the same: The customer is king and the customer likes to look at the price.

With the following checklist, we want to explain how you can find a good professional translation service provider despite the large number of translation agencies and what you need to bear in mind when you choose a translation agency or a translator.

The following checklist will help you to find a good translation agency or a professional translator:

1. Subject area. Does the translation agency or the translator cover the subject area for your professional translation?

Make sure you ask whether they already have experience. You can and should also always ask for references. It is important that a translator only translates subject areas in which he is well versed. In particular technical terms and foreign words are otherwise often translated incorrectly.

2. Quality

Where are the translators based and how is the quality of the translation ensured?

Many translation agencies work with project managers who act as an interface between translators and customers. Although this does not guarantee good quality, compared to completely automated translation platforms it is an important factor ensuring a much better translation of your text.

3. Service

Can the translation agency be reached by telephone? How do you make first contact? How quickly does it reply to your enquiry?

All of these are factors which you should take into account when you choose a translation agency.

4. Certificates and references

Lots of translation agencies in Germany meet the highest quality standards. They are also often TÜV certified. The situation is different when it comes to translation agencies in other regions, where in some cases poorly-trained translators may work on your assignment.

5. Confidentiality

You must take into account confidentiality and data protection when you choose your provider.

How is it ensured that service providers will maintain confidentiality? Translation agencies often have a so-called code of ethics which has to be signed by all translators in addition to a non-disclosure agreement.

6. Code of ethics

Professionally-trained translators and interpreters always have their own code of ethics or are bound by a duty of confidentiality similar to that of doctors. You should therefore take in particular the qualifications of translators into account.

7. Liability

Who will be liable for translation errors? This should also be taken into account when you choose a translation agency. A translation containing errors can quickly become expensive. Professional translators will have taken out their own insurance policy, which will be able to refund to you the costs incurred in serious cases.

If your translation agency has given you positive answers to all of the above questions, you are certainly in good hands with your professional translation. If you are also interested in finding out about translation prices, please contact us at any time. We will be pleased to provide you with information and without obligation.

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