CAT Tools for Translators

Translators have a number of useful tools to aid them in their translation projects and ensure the most accurate translation, but the quality of these tools vary greatly, CAT tools are among the most reliable. CAT tools are often crucial to translation, but it should be noted that these tools are not only beneficial for the translator but are also very helpful for the customer.

What are CAT tools?

Computer-assisted translation tools use a combination of sentence archives and glossaries to generate automatic translations. This means that the translator does not have to manually translate every single word of a text, but they can instead look over the whole text. This is beneficial, because it is much more efficient while retaining the precision required in a translation as the translator will still proof-read the entire text and can use the CAT tool to input their own translations of specific phrases, as will be explained.

How do they benefit customers?

What makes these tools so handy for customers as well as the translators themselves is the added practicality that they offer. The tools can help to save money for the customer as the use of translation memory often leads to a reduced price for the translation. Translation memory is one of the most useful tools, a translator can save their translation of a phrase so that their translation will automatically be reused if that set phrase recurs. This saves time and helps to keep the translation uniform and consistent, therefore simultaneously increasing the quality and decreasing the price.

Many of these tools also allow the customer to monitor the progress of a translation, this means that they can always see whether the translator is on course to meet their deadline, and they are able to communicate with them in real time. This means that they can quickly get in touch with the translator if they need to adjust their deadline or need to communicate with them for any other reason.

Overall, this means that Berlin Translate is in a position to deliver translations of the highest accuracy and precision for the tightest deadlines, at competitive prices.

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