Five British habits to know for a more successful inclusion

To avoid misunderstandings and the anger of the inhabitants, here are five useful habits for your stay in United Kingdom.

The British breakfast

The British like to have a hearty breakfast in the morning. They then can going through the morning to lunch. Generally speaking, they eat one or two slices of toast with butter or jam, eggs (hard-boiled, scrambled or fried) and pan-fried bacon in a little fat. They also add white beans in tomato sauce, sausages and sometimes even mushrooms. It is a very different eating habit from the French one and its breakfast pastries for breakfast.


Unlike in France, the English do not kiss each other on the cheek. This habit, which is very common among the French, makes the British uncomfortable. Even though they do not have specific rules for greetings, shaking hands at work seems to be allowed, for example. They also may give a hug, but only if you are a good friend or family member.


Queues in the UK are very orderly. Indeed, it is the law of  “first come, first served” that prevails. Whether you are waiting for a bus or at the post office, remember to queue so as to not receive annoyed looks from the British.

Tea time at 5pm

The British never miss tea time. They drink all types of teas: earl grey (black tea with bergamot) or lemon tea with a splash of milk, sugar and a slice of lemon. All this is served in small cups decorated with flowers, such as scones (small sweet cakes that are cut in half and spread with jam) and pastries.

Sending postcards

A habit that the French have lost if sending postcards. The British still use this means of communication and for all kind of event: birth, death, wedding, etc.

If you are planning to go to the UK and you need your documents to be translated, you know who to turn to.

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