Are you interested in moving to India? Do you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of moving there, in India ? In this article, you will find the advantages and disadvantages of moving to India, the country of a thousand colors.


The official language of India is Hindi, which is spoken by approximately 41% of the Indian population. However, English is the main language in the commerce and service sectors. If you are thinking of settling in India, you must have a perfect mastery of Shakespeare’s language.

Low cost of living

In many cities in India, expatriates have a very adequate standard of living. This includes food, shelter and education which are inferior to those in Western countries. The same is true in large, developed cities such as New Delhi and Mumbai.

Expatriate to India: culinary traditions and customs

In India, each region has its own culinary traditions.
Indian food represents an ancestral and refined art based on several spices. It is an compilation of smells, flavors and colors that will take you on a journey.

Almost 30% of the population is vegetarian and consumes dishes made with vegetables and dried fruits. Indians primarily use their fingers for food and always with the right hand.

Jobs for expatriates

Moving to India and finding work is undoubtedly the biggest challenge. Most expatriates in India are mainly on assignment in multinational companies. Personal relationships remain the best way to find employment opportunities.

Once you have obtained your job, you will need to find accommodation and a school if you have children. Then Update all your documents and visas. Never forget that expatriation takes a lot of preparation before you fully commit to a move.

The disadvantages of expatriation to India

If you have decided to go to India for a new life experience, you must adapt to the traditions of the country. You should never wear your shoes inside a house, in a shop, or in a sacred place. If you violate this, you risk drawing the wrath of the locals.

If you intend to move abroad as a couple, it is best that you maintain a certain modesty in public. Kissing or holding your partner’s hand is undesirable. You must learn to be patient due to the chaotic traffic in India, especially if you are going to big cities.

It is customary for people to be late. Avoid talking about taboo subjects such as the castration system. However, you have the right to talk about religion. The locals will be happy to share their traditions with you.

Finally, if you are a woman, you should wear decent and appropriate attire. Under no circumstances should your clothes reveal certain parts of the body such as the shoulders or legs. For this, the saree is a very good choice, which is a traditional garment worn by many women in India.


If you want to move to India, everyone is welcome. But so that you do not regret your choice, you must know how to adapt to habits and customs.

Be respectful of the places you go and be careful not to upset the locals.
If you settle there, you will have the chance to enjoy a unique and local gastronomy.

One of the most popular dishes among locals and tourists is Murg Makhani. Also known as butter chicken, it is a dish that originated in New Delhi. Made with marinated chicken in a butter sauce, served with naan bread and rice.

Of course, it’s not just the food that will interest you, but the various festivals across the country as well. Like the Holi festival, also called the festival of colors or Phalguna. Indians celebrate it around the spring equinox.

There is also the Ganesh Chaturthi, where the population venerates Lord Ganesh, son of Shiva and Pârvatî.
So, after discovering the many advantages and disadvantages of this country, what are you waiting for ? Moving to India can be an adventure for you, so don’t hesitate!

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