You still do not know where to go to this summer? Why not Algeria?

Algeria is a country in the Maghreb region bordered to the east by Tunisia and to the west by Morocco. Even if it attracts less tourists, Algeria has its own gastronomic and cultural heritage.

Here are some things that you can find (or visit) in Algeria.

You still do not know where to go to this summer? Why not Algeria?: the Martyr’s Memorial (Maqam Echachid) in Algiers

The monument opened in 1982, on the 20th anniversary of Algeria’s independence. It reaches a height of 92 metres and overlooks the heights of the capital city, in the municipality of El Madania. It is made of three stylised palms that reach each other at mid-height, and whose bases are decorated with a statue each representing soldiers at different times.

For history lovers, visiting this monument will be very enriching, especially since there is the National Museum of Moudjahid under it. The museum houses paintings, documents, but also weapons that belonged to soldiers who fought in the 19th century (during the French colonisation).

You still do not know where to go to this summer? Why not Algeria?: the Botanical Garden Hamma in Algiers

In the Hamma district, this garden is considered “one of the most important test and acclimatisation gardens of the world” and ranked among the 10 most beautiful gardens in the world according to the Algerian daily newspaper El Watan. Take a day to go for a walk in this garden, observe the different plant species such as magnolias and chorisias, or even the various exotic animals such as zebus, pelicans and crocodiles. There are picnic tables, which is perfect for a family break.

You still do not know where to go to this summer? Why not Algeria?: the traditional dishes that you must taste

With ancestral skills and local products, the Algerian traditional dishes are better than when they are prepared elsewhere.

The couscous!

It contains a (red or white) sauce, vegetables (carrots, potatoes, turnips, etc.), chicken, mutton, or fish. It all depends on the region where you taste it. Moreover, this dish can also has raisins, powdered sugar and hard-boiled eggs.

Berboukes or Aïch

Depending the region, it literally means “coarse-grained couscous” in Berber. A typically Maghrebian dish which is a kind of thick soup made of durum wheat semolina (large grains) with vegetables as well as meat.

Kalb el louz

In English, it means “almond heart”. It is a dessert that Algerians like to eat during the month of Ramadan. Semolina sprinkled with a syrup of honey and orange blossom water are the main ingredients. An almond is in its centre, and that is why it is called like that.

There are also gazelle horns, makrouts, baklavas, etc. So many delicious dishes and cakes to taste!

Hotel or bivouac?

Something tasty for everybody’s taste. Indeed, you can book a room in beautiful hotels such as the Sheraton Oran Hotel, or the Hilton in Algiers. However, you can also camp in the nature of the Algerian desert. Several agencies offer different tours composed of the simple pleasures of life, such as: hikes, camps with meals, discussions lit by wood fire and nights under the stars.

Algeria is full of treasures. Whether you are with your family or on your own, on holidays or on a business trip, this country has everything you need to make your stay most enjoyable. Moreover, the inhabitants are warm and very welcoming!

You still do not know where to go to this summer? Why not Algeria?

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