It is really easy to order an Uber for traveling in France, Europe or in the United-States. But not every country has this. We will see the means of transport used in Asia. If you plan to go live or just for tourism purpose in an Asian country, it is useful to know how you will be able to move around.



These are little motorised tricycles. Tuk-tuk doesn’t have any doors and can hold two to three people at a time, plus a driver. This means of locomotion is extremely used in India, Thailand and also in Cambodia. Tuk-tuk is a good means of transport, but stay quite dangerous especially due to the fact that it has no doors.

Fun fact: Tuk-tuk is also called « reumork » in Cambodia. This refers to the French word « remorque » (which means trailer). But this name stays quite rare.



As here in France, you can travel by train in the entire world. They are more or less spacious. They will allow you to do long journeys. If you take the train in Asia, we recommend you to enjoy the sumptuous landscapes that you will see scrolling before your eyes. It is just beautiful and very different from what we can see in France.

Means of transport: the mopeds


Mopeds are widespread means of transport in Asia. Indeed, they are even queens of urban locomotion in some countries. You can slalom between the cars with a moped. But be careful of accidents! Although this allows you to be faster than a car, it is still dangerous if you are not careful with pedestrians and the road. Also, safety equipment is not always worn by moped drivers. This can be critical in case of an accident!

Taxis and car rental:


As here in Europe, you can take the taxi to travel from a point A to a point B. In addition, car rental is possible. This will allow you to travel where you want, when you want.

Buses and metros:

Some cities have bus and metro lines. Of course, we don’t have any Tuk-tuk in Europe for example. But buses, metro and more other kind of public transports are universal. If you plan to go to Japan, you won’t be too disoriented in this particular field. Moreover, Japanese and Turkish means of transport (for example) are ten times cleaner than what we have in France!

Other means of transport:

There are also lots of other means of transport. Indeed, we can also talk about bicycles, scooters, trams… This will just depend on the country.

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