France and Germany: the cultural differences to know before going to visit these two countries

France and Germany are neighbouring countries and both ideal places to visit if you want to discover new cultures. However, these two countries are not as similar as you may think, so it is interesting to consider whether there is a culture shock between the two countries. Besides the languages which are very different, France and Germany have some cultural differences which you can see in daily life. We have selected a few, so that you can prepare yourselves before visiting these two beautiful countries.

  • Drinks

France and Germany are both countries with their own symbolic drinks. While France is renowned all over the globe for its’ wine, Germany is better known for its beer. France has seven main wine producing regions, including Bordeaux and Burgundy, and many of these vineyards remain an incredibly popular attraction for anyone visiting these areas. While neither country quite shares the British pub culture, if you go to either country, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to sample a rich variety of wines and beers. What better way is there to discover the culture of a country?

  • Traffic Lights

This is quite a big difference between France and Germany. While in Germany it is extremely important to respect the red man, this is closer to a suggestion in France. If you are used to crossing the road when there isn’t a car even though the lights are red, you may get away with it in France, but do not do it in Germany! Moreover, if you are next to somebody (normally an older person) with their child, it should be no surprise if they cover their eyes and tell them not to do what you have. France is more similar to England. In France, pedestrian signals are less important (or at least less respected) than in Germany.

·       Cigarettes

German and French culture around cigarettes vastly differ. When you want to buy a packet of cigarettes in France, you tend to go to a tobacco shop, but it is much simpler in Germany. In truth cigarettes are a big part of daily life in Germany unlike England. It is entirely possible to walk down the street and see adverts for cigarette brands, which would never happen in France. In addition to the advertising, you may well meet cigarette sellers on the street. Furthermore, they are easily accessible in the majority of shops in Germany. In France shops will have chewing gum available next to the till, while in Germany cigarettes will be there right next to them.

Germany and France are two very beautiful countries with many cultural differences. They may be neighbours, but they are different given their histories. Travel and make the most of learning more about these countries!

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