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Let’s go to Finland: the happiest country in the world

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Did you know that Finland was considered the happiest country in the world? Indeed, the United Nations published its annual...

Caspar David Friedrich and romantic painting

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Caspar David Friedrich is a renowned German painter and one of the key figures of Romantism. His paintings, a blend...

The colour of the world and symbolism over the world

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While colours are used all across the world to express our feelings on an event or to show to other...

8 idiomatic expressions to feel British

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Expressions play a major role in everyday life. Indeed, they considerably enrich our speech and extend our vocabulary. Those expressions...

Traditional dress around the world and its significance

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Each country has its own culture, making it different from another country. There is no better way to understand the...

The means of transport used in Asia

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It is really easy to order an Uber for traveling in France, Europe or in the United-States. But not every...

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