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Is music a form of language?

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For centuries, language has been a part of the means of communication between humans. But, is music a form of...

Professions in the field of translation: the trainings

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Do you dream of working in the field of translation? Between the professions of translator, interpreter or terminologist, to only name a...

Professions in the field of translation

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In the age of globalization, it has become crucial to master at least two languages. While English has established itself...

Halloween around the world

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Halloween: Its history and influence around the world Halloween is a Celtic celebration of Samhain dating back over 2,500 years....

Audiovisual and cinema professions

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Since the appearance of the very first cinematograph by the Enlightenment Brothers in 1895 and the screening of the first...

The most famous dances in the world

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What are the most famous dances in the world? First of all, dancing is a living art form. It is...

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