CAT systems and machines in the translation industry 

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In order to linguistically document the innovation cycles in the industry, which are getting increasingly shorter, and the automation of technical systems in the production process, which is constantly becoming more complex, and to convey them in other languages, more and more complex automation processes are being applied in the translation industry.

Modern translation software, also known as CAT technology (CAT = Computer-aided translation), combines the classic use of sentence archives and glossaries with internet research and differentiated QA tests.

In addition, increasingly successful automated translation systems are being put into use for specific purposes in the translation industry.

Often combined under the same term of computer-supported translation, these two areas of software cover two fundamentally different fields: on the one hand, there are translations written manually by specialist translators, which are checked automatically with the help of software, and on the other hand, there are translations generated by machines, which are manually checked by specialist translators.

Despite the increasingly complex integration of these two software systems, both CAT tools and translation machines always inevitably lag behind the standards of permanent, fully-automatic availability and reproducibility suggested by the industry. Language is not an end-product which can be one-hundred percent standardised, which can theoretically be quickly and precisely reproduced at will with full automation through the purely quantitative expansion of technical equipment and increase in computing power- even if some online translation machines already suggest this these days.

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