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Certificates of Incorporation

Easily sell abroad thanks to the certified translation of your business registration details and official documents

Our sworn translators offer certified translations of your business’ certificate of incorporation to help you expand internationally. The certificate of incorporation is given by the Companies House as proof that a company has been lawfully registered in the UK. Acting as an identity card for your business, it can be needed when setting up branches abroad. A sworn translation of the certificate can enable you to have commercial relations with other countries and expand your business. 


Our sworn translations are recognised worldwide. Thanks to the certified translation of your certificate of incorporation from English into French, you can sell your products in France. Why not also sell in Germany? It couldn’t be simpler. We also translate your certificate of incorporation from English into German and many other languages.

Certified translation of your certificate of incorporation

Have our certified translators translate your certificate of incorporation (business registration details) and sell abroad. Our sworn translations enable you to create branches of your company all over the world. 

  • Text entry and translation. Identical page layout to that of the original document
  • Translation performed by an expert translator, sworn in before the Court of Appeal

Certified translation of certificates of incorporation

Sell your products and services all over the world. Take advantage of our many language combinations, such as sworn translations from English to German, English to French or English to Italian to make the most of your international mobility.

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You can easily download the scan or photo of your identity documents online through our online form. We don’t need the original documents. 

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You can choose either between the collection or dispatch of your sworn translation. You will find detailed information about delivery costs when you select the corresponding option.

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You can pay by bank transfer or in cash. Of course, you do not pay any fees, regardless of the payment method you choose.  

Export your products and services within the European Union

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* The transition period for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU ends on 31st December 2020. From then, UK citizens will no longer have the right to move to any EU country to live, work, study or retire. Specific details on the future relationship between the UK and EU is yet to be finalised. 

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